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아무렇지 않다 Nothing Matters

씨네21북스 (한겨레출판) / 그래픽노블 / 2022.02.16 출간

예술인, 비정규직, 프리랜서 등 불안정한 고용 환경에서도 담담히 자신의 길을 가는 세 인물의 지극히 현실적인 이야기를 그린 그래픽노블이다. 평범한 일상에 불쑥 들이닥친 시련을 묵묵히 헤치고 아무렇지 않다는 듯 하루하루를 이어가는 잔잔한 힘이 느껴지는 작품이다.

『Nothing Matters』 is a graphic novel depicting the extremely realistic stories of three people who quietly go their own way in an unstable employment environment such as artists, non-regular workers, and freelancers. 
It is a work in which you can feel the calm power of going through the ordeal that suddenly comes to you in ordinary life and continuing day by day as if nothing is wrong. 
This graphic novel, with its smooth narrative, strong appeal, and detailed expressive power without the need for verbose lines, makes the reader look back on himself along with someone else's life.

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